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More than Just an Accessory
cheap eyewearMany people accessorize using glasses, whether they are clear lensed or sunglasses. Accentuating facial features with stylish brand-name accessories can be expensive, especially for those who require using prescription glasses to improve vision for either near-sightedness or far-sightedness. Some consumers will need prescription eye wear for reading glasses and for special optical equipment such as scuba or snorkeling gear or protective eyewear for industrial work. All in all, no matter what type of glasses being worn, most will want to select a fashionable frame which accentuates the face while providing clear vision.
It is possible to afford designer frames that not only perform functionally but look great. Improved vision, done stylishly, will give wearers increased confidence. With the help of an optical professional, great designer frames can be picked out to suit prescription lenses all at an affordable price. With so many different optical retailers out there offering great deals, it becomes important to look beyond the price tag to see what other services are offered for consumers as well.
The company's reputation will help the customer select the right optical retailer with confidence. Most people begin their research on the internet, searching out promotional deals and store locations. While researching prices, also look into the company's awards and recognitions made by the community. These points are indicative of the retailer's commitment to customer satisfaction as well as community responsibility.
Facial Structure Determining Factor in Fitting Process
Once research on potential retailers has been completed, it's time to visit the store for a consultation, with a current eye prescription of course. One of the services that should be provided is a free consultation to determine what the client's needs are as well as their wants. When it comes to picking out frames, a couple of things contribute to finding the perfect one and the consultation will help to determine this. The most important consideration for aesthetics is facial shape. This will determine how the frames sit on the face, and what features they do, (or do not,) accentuate. There are different facial shapes used to determine which frames are best suited include:
  • Oval – This facial shape is proportionally balanced, with high cheek bones. The forehead is typically wider than the chin.
  • Base-up Triangle/Heart – A broad forehead, quite high cheekbones with a noticeably narrow chin. This shape typically looks like a heart shaped, as the name indicates.
  • Round – Facial structure is even, with no angles and an equal height.
  • Square – Few or no angles make the structure of this facial type with a broad forehead and an equally wide chin.
  • Oblong – This facial structure has a long and straight cheek line. The face is longer than it is wide.
  • Base-down Triangle – A narrow forehead that widens down into a wide chin and jaw line.
  • Diamond – High cheekbones accentuate this facial type with a narrow chin and forehead.
The consultation will determine what type of face the client has, and the optician will be able to recommend some frames that fit facial structure as well as the budget.
It is important to also note that while frame prices are set, lenses are not. Some lenses require additional coatings, for example anti-reflective for driving at night. Others with a powerful prescription will require a lens that is lighter than it would normally be to fit into the frame – this will cost the client additionally. Working with an honest and reputable retailer will allow for answers to all questions and concerns. Do ask about cheaper lenses as these options may not be offered by some retailers willingly.